What is Pick Masters?

The Pick Masters group was created to be a revolution in the sports handicapping industry by making professional quality picks affordable to all bettors, big and small.

Each member of the group was invited to join because they have a long track record of success, either as bettors themselves or professional handicappers.  But what really matters is what they have done lately so upon joining, each member of the group has left behind the past.  The results you see on this site are only for what has happened during a handicappers time with the Pick Masters group, with each handicappers record reflecting only what they have delivered to Pick Masters.

Our Pricing Philosophy

One of the main reasons the Pick Masters group was formed is because the founding partners found it ridiculous that people were charging $50 a week for picks.  Many even offer single picks for up to $20 each. We decided it makes very little sense to price 95% of all sports bettors out of a handicapping service just so you could rip off a few hardcore gamblers with outrageous prices.

When we sat down to figure out our pricing formula, we did not look at what others charge so we could push the limits.  Or what it would take for Pick Masters to be a profitable business venture. 

Instead, we looked at what it would take to make you profitable if you used our service for one year and bet a $10 unit.  By doing that, we ensured that anybody and everybody who wanted to use a handicapping service could afford to do so, and profit from it.

Our Pricing Model

We are confident that our results will yield more than 1 betting unit of profit each week, on average, over the course of a year.  There will be good times and bad times along the way.   Some weeks we may make 5 units of profit or more, and other weeks we may lose a little.  If you have been betting for longer than a month, you know that is a part of the game.

So we did some math which showed that 1 unit of profit per week, over one year is 52 units of profit.  Taking 52 units and dividing it by 12 left us with about $12 per month as a break even point for a bettor with a $10 unit.

We settled on a monthly rate of $39.95 (less than $10 a week) because at that rate even a bettor with a $10 unit would be profitable using our service over the course of a year.  We also know that most people actually bet more than $10, and those people will be so happy with the returns they will stay with us.

We have also made the first 10 days free so you can take our service for a test drive.